Thursday, September 3, 2015

Mighty Men of Mouse: Episode 0224 -- Post-Apocalyptic Interaction Satchel

Call the Listener Line!


Listener Interaction Satchel to close out the summer.  Interactions include nostalgia and Future World, EGOT touring plan, industry restaurant rankings, no expiration options, long travel times, ranking ideas, The Middle Class and the cost of a vacation, the Boardwalk, why the Little Prince Hates Our Favorite Marylander, Olive Garden (yuck), World Showcase entertainment, when to play John Law, and the most that we would pay for a deluxe resort.  We also have details on how you can win a CLASS HAT.

ACSI restaurant survey results are here.

Article on Marvel movies is here.

Thanks to everyone who helped make the show better this week!



















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  1. Hi guys. Love your podcast. You asked whether chicken and waffles are a Canadian thing. They are absolutely not - but then neither are a couple of other dishes at Le Cellier! We have waffles but they are typically for breakfast or dessert. I had never even heard of chicken and waffles until about five years ago when I started getting hooked on this Disney thing. I still can't bring myself to try them but I did have the Nutella and fruit waffle at Sleepy Hollow - awesome!