Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mighty Men of Mouse: Episode 232 -- Unpopular Opinions and WDW News Bitez

Call the Listener Line!


This week's show gets started with the team getting caught up on the latest news about Walt Disney World.  Bitez include magic bands, Soarin' closure, hard ticket events, the Star Wars trailer, a ridiculously terrible Business Insider piece, and 7 pieces of advice for going to WDW.

Thanks to AccioFirebolt29 and Jason W (@JayRW) for their kind reviews.

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  1. Hey guys, we all love that Star Wars is back. (Loved the trailer breakdown of binary sunsets and a tie fighter being the total package. Same JJ Abrams concerns here, too.) But listen, in the dark days of NO Star Wars, before even any prequel talk, we bought the novels, wore the t-shirts. I was the lone Star Wars ball cap on campus for 4 years. My point is, IN MY DAY, Star Wars used to be for nerds. So now that everybody loves Star Wars again, does it tighten your jaw a little?

  2. Also, obviously, stay off my lawn.