Thursday, November 12, 2015

Mighty Men of Mouse: Episode 0234 -- Survey Results, Decision Points, and Disney Springs

Howie joins the conversation this week to share the results of the survey he posted about the best land in Walt Disney World.  He will also be going down to WDW in a few weeks and has some difficult choices to make about his trip.  Finally, he challenges Kip to $40 at Disney Springs.

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  1. To be fair, I am entering this conversation late and I did not participate in the survey. I am however rather concerned with how the division of “lands” was handled in Epcot.

    If you are going to designate each pavilion of World Showcase as its own "land," why lump together the pavilions of Future World into east and west, especially given how unequally weighted they are? While The Land, The Seas, and The Imagination pavilions are still viably pavilions, Ellen’s Energy Adventure, Mission Space, and Test Track are all single attraction venues and bring up a whole host of nostalgia issues for what they once were.

    Furthermore, are you using the arbitrary designation of east and west sometimes used on the Epcot park maps (varying from year to year with every update)? This too unequally and arbitrarily dumps everything in the middle (Spaceship Earth, Innoventions, Fountain of Nations, Mouse Gear, Electric Umbrella, the character spot, Art of Disney, Club Cool, etc.) into either “east” or “west,” even when it doesn’t correspond to actual physical location.

    The division of World Showcase into individual lands also makes no provision for The International Gateway, which deserves credit as a secondary access point, unique in all four Disney parks. If there was a way to access Frontierland without going through the front gate of the Magic Kingdom, don’t you think that would increase its potential to secure a higher position in the rankings?

    Surely you can see how these issues are unique to Epcot and are not accounted for in this survey. The only way Epcot can be equally accounted for against the other parks is the use of Future World and World Showcase and complete “land” designations. And there is no way both of those don’t make the top five.

  2. Hi Chris!

    Thanks for listening and the thoughtful reply!

    First, there are three ways to tackle Future World: whole land, East/West and individual pavilions. Ideally, the pavilions would rise to the level of lands. That isn't the case with FW East though. I don't think that it should be taken as a whole either. There is little cohesion between Fast Track and The Seas, for example.

    What I like about East/West is that it isn't arbitrary. It's a distinction drawn by Disney on park maps and signage. With the exception of Spaceship Earth and the Fountains of Nations, it is easy to divvy up what goes where.

    World Showcase is a little less cut-and-dry. There is a such a distinct feel to each pavilion that I'd say it makes sense to divide them up. Morocco and Norway pavilions are different in a way that Dumbo and Peter Pan's flight aren't.

    I think it's also important to consider the purpose of the exercise: comparing and placing in order the distinct areas of Walt Disney World. Lumping all of World Showcase together would almost certainly defeat the purpose of the exercise and push it towards a less interceding exercise like a simple ranking of the four parks.

    If your suggestion would be held, I would say that World Showcase would easily be the best land in WDW. Future World would probably be just a bit outside the top five. I also think that you'd have to seriously consider merging Frontierland/Liberty Square and redrawing the boundaries of DHS.

    Thanks for the feedback and I can't wait to share it on the show.