Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mighty Men of Mouse: Drafting a Land, Worst People at WDW, Artisanal Touring

Adam Britten joins the show to challenge Kip. Their job this week is to draft a land. We also have a GALLIMAUFRY!  Topics include the worst people in Walt Disney World, custom touring plans, and What If....Disney had purchased Star Wars twenty years earlier.

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  1. My worst person story refers to a specific person. The first time my wife Sara and I went to WDW together, she was 1 month removed from foot surgery, and the walking was taking a toll. We were in Liberty Square, and she was in a bad way and needed to take a load off. In obvious pain, she begins hobbling towards the nearest bench.

    Well, that was evidently the only free bench in the area, because a woman sees her heading to the bench, and breaks into a DEAD RUN to make sure that she beats Sara to it -- which was easy to do under the circumstances. She jumps ahead and sits down while Sara is probably 5 steps away, and then looks up at us with a smug grin.

    Not cool.