Tuesday, April 12, 2016


DONUTCAST!  Russ and Dutch tried every donut at Allie's Donuts in North Kingstown, RI and recorded it.

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🍩 pics after the jump
Purchasing the Donuts

7 bags of donuts and one bag

Strawberry frosted, chocolate frosted, unknown filled, sprinkles with vanilla frosting

Double chocoate, chocolate jimmies, sugar raised, cocconut raised, coconut raised and unknown filled donut

Lots of powdered donuts

Front to back: jelly brick, oversized jelly "stick", unknown "stick"

Chocolate glazed, jelly donut, coconut cake donut, plain stick, and glazed stick

GOAT donut box: Old fashioned choclate frosted, old fashioned maple frosted, maple raised, vanilla raised, double chocolate cake, and vanilla frosted chocolate cake

Cinammon Roll, powdered jelly "stick", and coconut jelly brick

All my life, I waited for someone like you...

Victimized by the baker's box

lots going on here

Powdered cake

Coconut cake

Toasted coconut cake

Glazed donut

Old fashioned

Cinammon powdered


Apple cinnamon, lemon, grape jelly, jelly

Cross section of coconut jelly brick


  1. Brand Glover and Tom Bricker could learn a thing or two from this photographic brilliance.

  2. You know how bacon is often the Kryptonite of Vegetarians?

    As someone who has spent the last two months getting down a few inches, those pictures are my Kryptonite. Gimme some cake!

    Good work fellas.