Tuesday, April 5, 2016

MMOM April 2016 Bonus Episode

Bonus episode! Listener Interaction Satchel features follow up and questions on jobs at Disney and how awful some folks can be, live entertainment we've lost, chain restaurants, hot takes, differences between Future World East and West, scavenger hunts, how to handle dangerous babies, additional ideas on how to spend eternity in WDW, sandwiches, FastPass + at Disney's Hollywood Studios, doing more shows, laxbros, whether Peter Pan is a BOATRIDE, FLOAT Scores, BOATRIDES that never were, stroller crimes, selfies, ride quoters, land drafts, and IP Power Rankz.

Thanks to the following folks for helping make the show better: Elyssa, Gosh, Cassie, Ben, Scott S., President Rutherford B. Hayes, Wes, Howie, James R., Lisa and Matt, Matt S., Jeff W., Lisa Green, Tom, Alicia, Todd, Scott G., Jeremy, Brian, James, John, Brian, and more.


Lumberjacks in peril

Food chains are ok

Disney World Hacks


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  1. Okay, okay so we will have to agree to disagree about the methodology of land divisions pertaining to Epcot…and that is fine. However seeing as this has now come up on three separate shows, I do feel the need to explain (and perhaps defend) why I said that the Future World "East" and "West" designations are arbitrary. I fully agree that the majority of Future World divides itself nicely based on the geography of its design. That being said, Disney (not you guys, obviously) has made the arbitrary designations of "East" and "West."

    If you look at the evolution of Epcot park maps, the way Future World is organized has seen a great deal of change. I happen to have a fairly comprehensive collection of park maps from 20+ years of vacations because I am interested in such things. For the purpose of this conversation I would direct your attention to Florida-Project.com (http://www.florida-project.com/guidemaps/epcot?showall=&limitstart=) which has all the full collection of park maps on their site.

    Innoventions was first separately designated as “East” and “West” in late 1997. Before that, both side were just “Innoventions.” In 2001, Innoventions East and Innoventions West were lumped back together as a single entry designated “Innoventions East and West” and sometimes just "Innoventions." The designations “Future World East” and “Future World West” did not arise until mid-2010. And indeed both sides of Innoventions (still labeled “Innoventions East and West”) were lumped together into “Future World East” along with Spaceship Earth. For its first 28 years, Future World had no “East” or “West” designations.

    So while geographically the designations of “East” and “West” *mostly* make sense, they are most certainly not original and indeed Future World has, for the vast majority of its existence, not had them. Therefore, I am saying that the decision made by Disney to designate them as such is in my opinion a rather arbitrary distinction that likely arose as a wayfinding device and through incremental changes in the design of the park map.