Tuesday, May 10, 2016

MMOM May 2016 Bonus Episode

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  1. The moment may well have passed to comment on "The Trouble With Skipper Canteen," but I had a thought I wanted to share on this anyway. I've eaten at Skipper Canteen a couple of times, and enjoyed it both times. Not epic, not destination dining, but certainly good enough, and a nice change of pace for Magic Kingdom. The menu is fine, and probably sounds more exotic than it actually is, which I suppose could have turned some guests off.

    In my opinion though, the primary reason for its lack of traffic was the ADR policy. As you know, if you feel like having a sit down meal at Magic Kingdom, you pretty much have to have a reservation, and if you decide not to use that reservation, you get hit with a $10/head charge. Accordingly, if you want to have a TS meal at MK, your options are:

    1. Get an ADR and use it.

    2. Don't book an ADR and hope that the line at Skipper Canteen is reasonable.

    3. Of course, if you have an ADR and you find that the line at SC was such that you could walk in, you could always bail on the ADR, but you'd get hit with that charge -- so you're basically paying a premium to eat there instead of the place you booked.

    I think for most people, option 3 is a non-starter -- sure, you'd like to try it, but not so much that you'd pay extra. I know for me, when I was going around the time SC was opening, option 2 didn't seem viable, either, especially since it was a new place that I thought would be mobbed. That left option 1 as the easiest path -- just book somewhere else, eat there, and circle back to SC on a subsequent trip (or not).

    As it turns out, we were able to get in a couple of times for lunch because it was dead, but for someone on the dining plan with limited TS opportunities, or who had really structured their trips to not allow the flexibility to just add on a TS meal or two, it's probably somewhere they had just chocked up to doing on another trip.

    Basically, Disney has conditioned us to rely upon ADRs for table service dining, and then didn't offer it for its new place. It put guests in a situation where it was easier to just go elsewhere.