Thursday, August 25, 2011

Episode 13 -- RCS and Kip does Friday

Carb up!
The Restaurant Challenge Series rolls on.  Victoria & Albert's faces off against Sbarro's (MCO).  The winner of that match up will take on the winner of Whispering Canyon and The Wave.  Kip presents his first idea for Friday Night's Alright.  Artist's Point does mortal combat with the Crystal Palace in a vicious 5-12 match up.  We close with Narcoossee's and the Hoop Dee Doo.

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

I hate Russ so much right now.

Posted by Mrs. Shuttlesworth earlier today.  Not liking Russ too much at this moment

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Episode 12 -- Russ Gets Back to the World

Taken moments before a tragic ferry boat accient
 Russ is going to Metropolitan Orlando this month and he is going to let us in on what he's doing.  The boys discuss different, non-MCO airport options, bottom feeders of the American League, ADRs, and what will be closed.  Dutch also bags on Il Mulino, but mostly because he is so jealous.  Kip is still thinking about Yuenglin.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fill out your bracket!

Finally got it up.  Here is our Restaurant Challenge Series (RCS) bracket.  We will update our's after the first region is complete and then after every round.

If you would like one in an Excel or PDF format, just e-mail me at

Episode 11 -- Saving Steve-o

Steve-o seconds before putting Buzz and Woody in a hurt locker.
Listen to the team help plan a last minute trip for honorary team member Steve-o.

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Episode 10 -- Restaurant Challenge Series Play In games and Friday Nights Alright for.....Downtown Disney

We have four play-in games for our Restaurant Challenge Series.  The Kringla Bakery squares off against Waffle House.  Young upstart Catalina Eddy's takes on Chick Fil-A.  Dutch presents his first suggestion for Friday night:  Downtown Disney.  We then round out the episode with Perkins Pancake House battling the Pop Century Foodcourt.  Finally Cinderella's Royal Table throws down with the Sbarro's at Orlando International Airport.

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Episode 9 -- Afternoon Delight

We have a BONUS EPISODE here for you this week.  Please be aware that it is a bit raunchier than usual and has an unhealthy amount of Will Ferrell.  Sit back, have a glass of scotch and enjoy.

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Episode 8 -- Restaurant Challenge Series and Hotel Discussions

Russ unveils The Restaurant Challenge Series.  In an effort to educate Kip about all the great restaurants in WDW, we have put together a tournament to figure out where we most want to eat.  We also talk about the more moderate of the deluxe hotels on property.  They include the Animal Kingdom Lodge, Wilderness Lodge, Swan and Dolphin.

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Episode 7 -- California Dreamin'

A dramatic recreation of the Springfields enjoying lamb shank in the hot tub
Kip takes the boys through his trip to Anaheim.  We learn that Dr. Springfield likes a nice surprise in a hot tub.  We also learn that Dutch does not really care whether or not there is a difference between a carousel and a merry-go-round.

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Episode 6 -- Friday Night's Alright for.....Crescent Lake

Russ is leading off with our Friday Night's Alright series.  He suggests a pub crawl around the Epcot Resorts.  We learn a little bit about everyone.  Dutch shows his very poor understanding of what hipsters enjoy and we find out that Kip has a healthy love of old man drinks. 

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Episode 5 -- Fastpass, Cheats and a monorail ride

Win if you can.  Lose if you must.  Always cheat.  In this episode, Russ and Dutch explain to Kip a bit about fastpasses.  Dutch shares a few cheats.  We end with an impromptu tour around the monorail to check out a few hotels.

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Episode 4 -- Disneyland Preview

Russ's observation is not that Ariel is a hipster....

Mr. and Dr. Springfield are going to Disneyland.  Unfortunately, Dr. Springfield did most of the planning, so Kip doesn't really know too much of what they've got planned.  Matching Kip with zero show prep, Russ and Dutch prepare Kip for what to expect.  There's a fun little diversion where Russ discusses his unique observation of Ariel at the Voyage of the Little Mermaid.

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Episode 3 -- Eat (a lot) and Drink (a lot) Around the World

Dutch enjoying an eclair.

In this episode, your mighty heroes discuss the second leg of the challenge.  Inspired by Sip, Snack (and Sick) from the WDW Today boys.  Dutch discusses his recent experience with going round the world.  We also discuss our rules for when we do the thing.

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Episode 2 -- The Ultimate Challenge

In this episode, we discuss our first feat of strength:  the Ultimate Magic Kingdom Touring Plan.  We also discuss the science of touring plans.

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Episode 1 -- Meet the Big and Tall 3

Welcome to the Mighty Men of Mouse Podcast.  We are three buddies are going on an adventure vacation to Disney World at a time TBD.  This first episode, we discuss a little about ourselves.  Stay tuned to hear what we have planned and the two adventures that we have planned.

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