Monday, March 12, 2012

Is the Newest Disney Ad Misleading?

In an upcoming episode of MMOM we discuss if the newest ad (above) for Disney World is being 100% truthful when it promotes a vacation for a family of four would cost about $1,700 for seven days and six nights.  Odds are, your family of four will pay more--much more--than the lowest advertised price. 

Part of the discussion focused on what costs should have been included in the advertised price.  All of us agreed that the "starting at" pricing used throughout the travel industry is so tried-and-true that most people would understand that this is not actually what they were going to pay.  Airfare, dining, and additional options like a Park Hopper were not overly deceptive to not include.   In our opinion these costs varied from customer to customer that it would not reasonable to call that the minimum available price. 

The only issue we really had with the advertising is found in the very fine print.  If you look closely at the dates where these room rates apply you will see that a typical family of four would really not be able to travel on most of the dates (but for late August) because one or both kids would be in school. 

At the All Start Music Resort the rates assumed in the ad are $84 per night.  If you want to travel any time in June-mid August the rate is $129. Note: It is even higher during most spring/winter breaks, up to $164 per night.  This change in dates would add about $270 to the cost of the trip.  This is a pretty significant increase and something that Disney probably should have been more up front about. 

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