Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Cable Channels Coming to WDW

If you recognize the young lady in the above photo, then you will no doubt appreciate the latest news below...

Over the next couple months, Disney will be rolling out significant enhancements to their cable TV lineups across the entire resort. The channel lineup will now include more than just ABC owned stations and channels, and the 7 Must Dos of Disney on a constant loop (or at least that is what it seemed like).

This is actually a welcome change.  Don't get more wrong, I am well aware that I am not in Disney to watch TV, but you can not underestimate the time in your hotel room to relax or take a nap.  Part of  this relaxation could be taking in a little TV, and having more options is never a bad thing.

Also, some of the additions just make sense:

For example, Travel Channel is known for running extended Walt Disney World Commercials...errr Documentaries....from time to time, and HGTV is a primary sponsor of Epcot's Flower and Garden Festival.  It only makes sense that these popular cable channels are available in your resort hotel room. 

We talk a lot at MMOM about the little cuts made over the past several years.  To point, I even complained about losing USA Today deliver to my hotel door a few months ago.  It is just really nice to see service go in the other direction once in a while.

The picture is of Stacy Aswad, "star" of the "Must Do Disney" infomercial you will undoubtedly watch a dozen times on a week long trip to the World.

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