Thursday, August 29, 2013

Episode 119 -- Beginners' Guide to Beginners' Guides

This week Team MMOM help you help the people in your life their Beginner's  Guide to Beginner's Guides to Walt Disney World.  The men also talk back at some listeners.  Topics include Testa Bombing, Mike Newelling, our underdeveloped drinking palates, the best place to have a cocktail at the Swalphin, the role of Scotland in the UK Pavillion, L.E.N. criticism, and overaggressive crowd negotiation.  Kip has the Backpage.

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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Episode 118 -- Black AmEx presents Platinum WDW

After tackling Epcot Resorts on a budget last week, Team MMOM takes a look at how the other half lives with top shelf experiences that include VIP tours, the Platinum Dining Plan, private planes, and more.  Dutch also shares his experience planning a last minute trip and the unique challenges that opportunity represents. Russ has the Backpage. 

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Episode 117 -- Advice on Advice and $40 a Day at the Epcot Resorts

Team MMOM takes a look at "travel tips" from a couple of news sources.  Issues tackled include the scourge of over packing, the danger of sneaky wording in hotel ads, ways to lie/cheat/steal/ask for politley hotel upgrades, and what to expect from hotels when traveling.  The boys also do their best Rachel Ray impression and try to get buy at the Epcot Resorts on $40 a day.  Dutch has the Backpage.

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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Episode 116 -- L.E.N.

This week Dutch unveils a formula for calculating the cost of your time in Walt Disney World.  The Team uses the formula to discuss the value of renting a car, FastPasses, curbside check-in, and more.  Team MMOM also read two listener e-mails about the direction of the resort.  Kip has the Backpage.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Episode 115 -- Win if you can, Lose if you must, Always Cheat

Let's get ethical!  This week Team MMOM tries to do the right or at least figure out what that is.  Ethical dilemmas tackled include sham hotel reservations, being too fat the sky, aggressive rope drop tactics, FastPass cheats, and phony ADRs.  As a bonus, we also read an e-mail from Robert about Kip's backpage.  Russ has the Backpage.

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