Thursday, July 31, 2014

Episode 167 -- Price is Guessed and Listener Interaction Satchel

This week the boys play The Price is Guessed and discuss Cirque du Soleil, para-sailing dockside fishing, the Best of Italy Wine Flight at Tutto Gusto and the rack rate for the Beach Club on New Year's Eve.  The Listener Interaction Satchel includes follow ups on Escape from Tomorrow, what we'd be doing if we were in Walt Disney World right now, shaving tips, theme park ride technology that we'd like to see WDW embrace, successors to Bob in Burbank, whether or not Disney should buy Lego, what we'd do with $1B, and what we'd change about the Walt Disney World fan community.

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Lisa Green's Living a Disney Life

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Episode 166 -- Family Feud Fiasco

In a valiant attempt to make a bit work, the team tried very hard to play Podcaster Family Feud.  The Listener Interaction Satchel includes questions Brits and tipping in the Disney Parks, Candlelight Processional draft, more Red Sox trades, World Cup in Walt Disney World, pizza again, other great WDW and theme park podcasts, and Fast Pass Plus again. Plus 3 Good Minutes on College Football.

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Message Board post RE: tipping

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Episode 165 -- Obligatory Discussion of You-Know-What

Dutch and Russ turn their eyes away from Walt Disney World and fix their gaze upon the Alley that Shall Not Be Named. The News Wheel turns on Walt Disney World going on a hiring binge, terror on the Monorail, a happy disaster, an opinion piece from the KC Star, and the accident which occurred on Pirates of the Caribbean. 

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When Disney World surprises go bad...

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Episode 164 -- All the Rage

We blow out one of our favorite bits into a whole topic: Message Board Outrage of the Week is, for one week only, THIS WEEK IN RAGE.  Listener Interaction Satchel contains questions on when good plans go bad, FP+ and children, the sticking power of Potter, getting krunk in the Magic Kingdom, Dutch being a baby about FP+, Russ' dinner draft, book suggestions, Disney Land tips, and DLP tips.

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Episode 163 -- There can only be one....or not.

This week the News Wheel turns on opulence, MOAR FROZEN!?!, and park attendance.  The team also does 3 Good Minutes on Honeymoon Ideas and Middle Relievers.  We also re-do our first episode to celebrate our anniversary.  

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