Saturday, July 30, 2016

MMOM Scavenger Hunt -- For Orlando and Everywhere

Pics or it didn't happen....

1. Order a drink made with the same types of alcohol that is on the Abracadabra menu.

2. To celebrate the return of Figaro Fries, eat cheese fries.

3. Buy something Disney related at Providence Place, which is "just a mall" like Dis Springs.

4. Find Pluto

5. Ask a passerby "what time the parade is coming by here"

6. Like a CM, make a magical moment happen for someone.

7. Take a picture with a homemade sign in front of something under construction. The sign should say "Game Changed, Again"

8. Ask the hostess at IHOP what their nightly rate is.

9. Snap a pic of a Unibro

10. Find an AA

11. Eat a Whopper or something from Panda Express

12. Eat something shaped like Mickey Mouse

13. Pay for parking, so that we can experience the feel of a Uni resort.

14. Find Mr. Potato Head

15. Drink a grapefruit beer.

16. Find 3 hidden Mickeys

17. Take a pic of someone who appears to be Disney Bounding

18. Disney Karaoke

19. In honor of the best WDW land, have a shot of tequila.

20. Eat $10 worth of wings

21. Ask a passerby where the designated smoking area is.

22. Get Starbucks and Lou's name on a cup .

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Dutch like Podcasts and talking to his Wife and Russ

I drove one of our cars down to Florida this past weekend.  I listened to 45 podcast episodes over the two days I spent on the road.  Several folks expressed interest in what I listened to, so I decided to share it here.  The spreadsheets with all the fund data are after the jump.

I listened to 2,810 minutes of podcasts from Sunday morning when I left Barrington, RI to when I landed in Warwick, RI on Wednesday morning.  That works out to 46 hours and 50 minutes.  About 2,550 minutes (42 hours and 30 minutes) of that was over the two day drive down.  I was able to do this thanks to Overcast, an iOS app that does some fun things with increasing audio playback speeds. In terms of "real time," I spent about 24+ hours listening.  Again, thanks Overcast!

The heroes of my road trip were Ben Lindbergh and Sam Miller of Effectively Wild.  I thoroughly enjoyed the 16 episodes of EW that I listned to for a total of 613 minutes.  The average length of an EW episode was 40 minutes.  The second most listened to pod was Reconcilable Differences with 384 minutes.  Amazingly, that was 3 episodes.  Hello Internet comes takes third place with 328 minutes in 3 episodes.  The shortest was an episode of the Disney Dish with Jim Hill about the Animal Kingdom was a lean 18 minutes.  Data is below the jump.

Since Matt Houser asked, my favorite three podcast episodes were Effectively Wild 913 (featuring Rany and Joe), Orlando Tourism Report 78 (an excellent interview with Ron Schneider about playing Dreamfinder), and Radio Westeros 25.  The only episode/show I wouldn't recommend would be CBS Fantasy Baseball Today.  It is very bad.

One final little note.  While figuring out my drive time, I checked my phone logs.  I spent about four hours on the phone.

Mighty Men of Mouse: Episode 0271 -- July Gallimaufry

GALLIMAUFRY! Our first topic this week is what properties or companies we believe that Disney should try to acquire.  The second topic is salary cap style game about how we would spend an hour in the Magic Kingdom.  Finally and drawing inspiration from Effectively Wild's The only rule is that it has to work, we discuss how we would manage a small, independent amusement park.

Check out this episode!

Addendum to Episode 271 -- Steve G.'s Time Price Sheet

Brilliant question that we discussed in Episode 271.  Big thanks to Steve G. for sharing!

How would you guys plan your hour if you received one free hour in the park with no the guest? Here are the rules: You must do at least 3 attractions and eat one meal. Here’s the catch, anything in Tier 1 you must wait 15 minutes before going on the ride. Anything in Tier 2 you must wait 10 minutes and anything in Tier 3  is no wait. Any place you want to eat will have your meal ready for you when you arrive. We’ll say 15 minutes to eat.

Length of ride based on times from Touring Plans:

Tier 1 - 15 minute wait
Big Thunder Mountain- 7 minutes
Peter Pans Fligh- 3 minutes
Space Mountain - 10 minutes
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train- 3 minutes
Splash Mountain- 10 minutes
Wishes Nighttime Spectacular- 12 minutes
Character Meet and Greets - 5 minutes

Tier 2 - 10 minute wait
Buzz Lightyear - 4.5 minutes
Dumbo - 1.5 minutes
Jungle Cruise - 8 minutes
Pirates of the Caribbean - 7.5 minutes
The Haunted Mansion - 10 minutes
Winnie the Pooh - 4 minutes
Main Street Parade - 18 minutes

Tier 3 - no wait
Astro Orbiter 2.5 minutes
Barnstormer- 2 minutes
Carrousel - 2 minutes
Carousel of Progress - 21 minutes
Country Bears - 10 minutes
Enchanted Tales with Belle - 20 minutes
Enchanted Tiki Room - 15 minutes
Hall of Presidents - 23 minutes
It’s a Small World - 14 minutes
Laugh Floor - 15 minutes
Liberty Square River Boat - 16 minutes
Mad Tea Party - 1.5 minutes
Magic Carpets of Aladdin - 1.5 minutes
People Mover - 10 minutes
PhilharMagic -  12 minutes
Stitch’s Escape - 12 minutes
Swiss Family Treehouse - 12.5 minutes
Tomorrowland Speedway - 4.25 minutes
Tom Sawyer Islans - 30 minutes
Under the Sea - 7 minutes

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mighty Men of Mouse: Episode 0270 -- Dutch Voyage and Reviews

Dutch is taking a road trip to Florida and the team helps him plan the two days he will get in the world.  The squad also shares some positively bonkers reviews. 

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John Kivus' road trip tips

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