Saturday, July 30, 2016

MMOM Scavenger Hunt -- For Orlando and Everywhere

Pics or it didn't happen....

1. Order a drink made with the same types of alcohol that is on the Abracadabra menu.

2. To celebrate the return of Figaro Fries, eat cheese fries.

3. Buy something Disney related at Providence Place, which is "just a mall" like Dis Springs.

4. Find Pluto

5. Ask a passerby "what time the parade is coming by here"

6. Like a CM, make a magical moment happen for someone.

7. Take a picture with a homemade sign in front of something under construction. The sign should say "Game Changed, Again"

8. Ask the hostess at IHOP what their nightly rate is.

9. Snap a pic of a Unibro

10. Find an AA

11. Eat a Whopper or something from Panda Express

12. Eat something shaped like Mickey Mouse

13. Pay for parking, so that we can experience the feel of a Uni resort.

14. Find Mr. Potato Head

15. Drink a grapefruit beer.

16. Find 3 hidden Mickeys

17. Take a pic of someone who appears to be Disney Bounding

18. Disney Karaoke

19. In honor of the best WDW land, have a shot of tequila.

20. Eat $10 worth of wings

21. Ask a passerby where the designated smoking area is.

22. Get Starbucks and Lou's name on a cup .

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