Thursday, September 29, 2016

Mighty Men of Mouse: Episode 0281 -- Trade Value, Zika, and Rage


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  1. Pretty close to what you discussed, but here's how I'm thinking about it:

    Let's say an attraction is in the final year of its contract, and relations between the attraction and its park have soured so much that there's no way the attraction will re-sign with the same park. In that scenario, which attraction would give rise to the biggest bidding war among the other parks?

    Beauty and the Beast stage show could end up being quite expensive if Epcot got involved.
    Would MK and Epcot fight over Expedition Everest?
    Would Epcot bid against DHS for fantasyland attractions it could stick in World Showcase?
    Would DHS take into account a possible Hyperspace Mountain retheming when bidding against Epcot for Space Mountain? Indiana Jones or Jungle Book retheming if AK wanted Jungle Cruise?

    I guess a lot depends on how you set the rules. I'm sure MK and Epcot would love to have the Safaris in the abstract, but not if they had to bother with finding space and taking care of the animals. It also seems to be begging the question a bit to say that Epcot could fit almost anything at all in World Showcase; Epcot at this point could fit almost anything in, but what would it really want?